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Out of Hibernation, the return to the stage - Trailphoenix's Androhard Log


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Hello Everyone,
My hibernation period has come to an end. Now I am beginning my first real cut to return to the bodybuilding stage. It has been years since I have solely focused on bodybuilding due to my addiction to endurance sports while in the Army. I'm still going to be competing in Spartan races and other short distances under 30 miles but it will be a minimum.
Currently, I am sitting right at 200lbs. Abs are slightly visible. I'm 5'8, 30 yrs old. At this time, I haven't written out my exact meal plan with a breakdown of macros, but I will be shortly. Up for suggestions. So far, I have been cutting carbs down to around 200 a day for the time being. I'm basically eating chicken and rice with some form of greens every three hours. At 345 I wake up and have a protein shake and go back to sleep until 0430. 0500 gym time. At night, after work I go to the gym again and train my girlfriend. While there I typically do 30 min of cardio with some ab work.
For my supplement regimen, I am running my base supplements to include: CLA, fish oil, b-complex, zinc, gingko biloba, vitamin D and BCAAs. Looking for a creatine that I can pick up, trying to avoid the bloating/puffy look that most lead to. The AndroHard is a first of this kind for me. I am pretty excited to see how it goes. Right now I am using 4 pumps in the morning and 4 at night. If that dose needs adjusting for my stats let me know please. Along with this I am going to include IML advanced cycle support at 2 caps ed and IML LeanFuel extreme. The Leanfuel is also a first for me. Cutting out coffee in the mornings sucks, simply because I like black coffee nice and hot when I get to my office.
My training is feeling good after switching back to the basics and going heavier than I do when competing in Triathlon. The current schedule is as follows:
Monday - International Chest Day
Tuesday - Back
Wednesday - Arms
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Legs

Overall, I am feeling better than ever. My strength has already started to return on my main lifts and I am still maintaining my speed and endurance at this heavier weight. This journey back to the stage to compete should be my best yet! Feel free to follow along and ask questions or make suggestions. Thanks IML for bringing me aboard and giving me a chance to be a part of this team! I love these products and can't wait to see what else comes down the road!

If you want to follow along on Instagram as well look me up - Anubis3331


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Hey Fellas,
Today was back day! My overall favorite day of the week due to my love for deadlifts. However, today I couldn't do them because the One platform was occupied. So my work is as listed below. This is about one week in using the Androhard. I'm beginning to feel it a bit more in my overall mood and pumps when lifting. My muscles feel fuller and the residual feelings of the pump seem to last all day. Since cutting my carbs, I am starting to feel tighter throughout my body. When I do have a carb meal I fill out noticeably. Tonight for dinner is bison burgers and french fries(hopefully some sweet potato fries as well). Haven't had carbs yet today so I am looking forward to it quite a bit. Today's back session was on the money, nice high volume slow lifts with a few light sets with high reps. I am ready for arms in the morning!

By the way, I don't count reps much right now. I go to failure for most sets. Basically I just do what feels right each set based on the weight.

Lat pulldowns - wide grips: 100, 100, 140, 175, 200, 220, 220, 200
T-bar rows - One 45 lb plate, two plates * 4 sets
Bentover Barbell rows - 135, 135, 225, 225, 225, 315, 315, 225, 135
Rope Pull Throughs (think db pullovers) - 80, 100, 100, 120, 140

Overall my back felt fully pumped in the end. Every angle has its purpose. My focus is on overall thickness and lower back (spinal erectors). Typically, this workout would have begun with heavy deadlifts all sets to failure. Pyramid and reverse pyramid sets. Pump and burn on the last set with original warm-up weight. I'm loving the program so far. I think that I'll enjoy completing this log each night. Tomorrow ARM DAY!!!


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What's up fellas! Today was Arm day! I woke up groggy and almost decided to lift in the evening instead. Buttttt, I didn't want to start the day off wrong being lazy so I went at 0500 like usual. Over the last few weeks I've been having some pain in my elbows when doing different pressing exercises, but today it was barely noticeable so I was relieved. Because of the pains, I am not doing my normal weights. So to compensate, I am doing higher reps and more sets. My workout was as follows:

Close grip Bench - 135,135, 135, 135, 135
BB curls - 50, 70, 90, 90, 90, 70
Overhead extensions - 50, 50, 50, 50 My elbows hurt the worst on this exercise so I went very light here
Seated Db curls - 40, 40, 40, 40 HIGH reps because they felt great
Rope Pressdowns - 70, 100, 120, 120
Seated calves - 200lbs * 6 sets to failure varying in tempo; 260 * 10 sets to failure as well
Reverse pec deck - 70, 60, 60, 60 Shoulders are tomorrow, but I am working on bringing up my rear delts so...
One arm cable ext - 4 sets, about 50 reps each arm with 20lbs
Light BB curls - just for the extra pump before leaving, two sets to failure

Overall, my arms were about as pumped as I could get them. I'm really happy with how it turned out considering the lower numbers than usual, but it will help any how since I am cutting now. The Androhard and leanfuel extreme are taken about thirty minutes prior at 0430 when I get out of bed. They make me feel incredible and I sweat like never before! This cycle should be a great run in the end. Haven't decided what to follow it up with yet.


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Today was another slow start but ended well. I didn't wake up and have my shake at 0345 but I still felt full and hydrated. My warmup was longer than usual before getting to business. The weights felt good because I did my reps nice and slow. Below is my workout.

Db Overhead Press - 40s, 50s, 50s, 60s, 60s, 60s
Seated calf raises (I did a calve superset with every lift) - 2 plates or 3 plates
Side Lateral machine - 25s* eight sets
Db Front Raises - 20s, 25s, 25s, 25s (supersets with side laterals and calves)
Clean and Press - 95 * 4 sets, 135 * 4 sets
Reverse Pec deck - 70, 70, 70, 70
Upright rows - 60, 60, 60, 60
Bb Shrugs - 135, 225, 225, 315, 315, 405, 405, 405

My shoulders felt pretty damn good today. Great pump, felt pretty solid all day. Shoulders and traps were nice and tights throughout the whole day.


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Today was my favorite: LEGS!!!! Due to weather, I was able to catch up on some sleep and work a short day. I had a green smoothie and two bananas for breakfast to get the day going. Loaded up on some much needed carbs leading up to my evening workout. Tonight was a late one, date night for my girlfriend and I at our favorite bar. It's our best sessions. Late Fridays the gym is pretty empty and has a different feel to it. We love having the place to ourselves and working legs. My workout was as follows:

Calf raises - 240, 300, 350 for 4 sets
Leg curls - 60, 80, 80, 80, 60
Leg Extensions - 100, 120, 140 for 3 sets, 100
Hack Squats - 1 plate, 2p, 3p for 4 sets, 2p, 1p
Stiff-leg Deadlifts - 135 for 6 sets,225 for 3 sets


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Today was a special day. Due to my work schedule for tomorrow, I did Chest this morning and Back this evening. Chest this morning was off the charts, I wanted to stay and do extra because the pump felt incredible. On a whim, I took IML Nitro with my IML Leanfuel extreme before the gym this morning. It is one of the best pumps I've had in a while! I did some extra supersets at the end because it felt so good. Tonight's session with my gf was pretty great as well. For back I didn't do deadlifts which are my favorite so it kinda made me feel incomplete at the end. But I still had a great session, higher volume. Decided not to do the deadlifts because I helped my friend move all weekend and my back was already kinda wrecked. All good soreness though. My Chest and Back workouts were as follows:

Flat BB Bench - 135, 135, 225 * six sets of 5-10, 135 to failure (Wanted to do 315 for a few sets, but I needed a spot and didn't have one)
Incline BB Bench - 135, 225 * five sets of 5-10, 135 to failure
Pec Deck - 80 for eight set to failure
Superset with Machine Chest press - 100lbs to failure. This was just because the pump felt too good to stop.

Wide-grip Lat pulldowns - 100, 100, 140, 160, 200 * 5 sets to failure
V-grip reverse Lat pulldowns (turn around, put upper back on pads) - 100, 120, 160 for 5 sets to failure
T-Bar rows (machine) - 1 plate until failure, 2p for 5 sets to failure
Bent over BB rows - 135, 225 for 5 sets of 10, 315 for 3 sets of 5
Hang Cleans (just because it felt good) - 135 for three sets to failure

If you're enjoying this log and want to check out my progress as I continue this cut look me up on Instagram: anubis3331


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Hey Fellas,
Today was Arm day. I've only started training arms on their own now for a few weeks. The results are incredible so I am loving the change. For personal reasons, I decided to take today off. Picked up my gf and hit the gym around 0900 instead of 0500 like usual. She's been bitten by the fitness bug and is really getting serious. Now she is meal prepping with me and training five days a week. I train her after work after we do thirty minutes of cardio. Usually, running intervals after 15 min of steady state. For our workout today I took IML preworkout and Nitro for a serious pump. Still running Muscle Gelz Androhard at four pumps twice a day. The overall feeling it gives you is great. You can tell by that "Alpha" feeling we all get while on cycle of most ph. The results have been pretty steady gains thus far. I feel tighter. Better pumps in the gym. I'm maintaining my lean muscle mass while shedding fat. In my upperbody, mostly shoulders and neck I am getting leaner quickly. I can't wait to see the difference at the end of this run. My workout was as follows:

Close-grip Bench press - 135 for six sets to failure. Elbows are still tender so all weights are on the lighter side for the time being. Still haven't seen a doctor.
Overhead BB Ext - 30, 40, 50, 60 for five sets to failure
Superset with Seated DB Curls - 40s, 40s, 50s for five sets to failure (the pump was kicking in, love the Nitro)
Rope pressdowns - 80, 80, 100, 100, 120 for five sets to failure
Superset with Cable Curls - 100, 100, 115 for five sets to failure
One-arm cable curls (no attachment) - 30lbs for five sets to failure (no less than thirty reps each arm per set)
Superset with One-arm Cable ext. (no attachment) - 30lbs for five sets to failure ( no less than twenty reps each arm per set)
These last two exercises are my favorite at the end of a good arm session. My old training partner showed them to me and I have used them for a few months now. They are great isolation exercises to use at the end to force as much blood into the muscle as possible. If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend that you do. Tomorrow is shoulders and I can't wait! I've been doing clean and presses for shoulder day and I am loving the gains! HMU if you have any questions about the training or Musclegels Androhard!


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Hey Fellas! Tonight was shoulders and it was my best workout in quite some time! This Androhard is starting to kick in full strength. I took IML preworkout and Nitro once again. During the workout I drank low-calorie gatorade (I'm out of creatine). My session was amazing. Tonight my gf took some more pictures and a video of me doing clean and presses for instagram. Overall, my numbers went up. My elbows are still bitching a bit everyday, but not nearly as much. So the numbers on some things are still lower. But the clean and presses felt great. I went up to 155 for a few sets. Next week I'll do 185, if my elbows don't hurt I'll go to 205+. These are as addicting as deadlifts for me. They make my traps explode and add thickness to my shoulders and upper back. My workout was as follows:

Seated DB Overhead press - 30s, 40s, 40s, 50s, 50s, 60s for three sets.
Clean and Presses - 95, 95, 135, 135, 155 for 4 sets to failure, 135
BB Shrugs - 135, 225, 225, 315, 315, 315, 315, 225
DB Front Raises - 20s for 6 sets to failure
Superset with DB Side Laterals - 20s for 6 sets to failure
Reverse Pec Deck - 70 for 5 sets to failure

Incredible workout overall! Can't wait to kill legs tomorrow night. Don't forget to check me out on Instagram for progress photos and meals etc. anubis3331


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Hey Fellas! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. This weekend has been crazy busy, I had work and finals for school to finish and a lot of other errands to get done. Despite the full schedule I've still got all my work in the gym. A day behind on this log today though. First things first, this MuscleGelz Androhard is badass! I'm waking up feeling like a million bucks. My muscles feel full all day despite the carb cycling for this cut. I feel strong as hell in the gym everyday! So without further delay, here's yesterday's leg workout and today's chest and back session! Different schedule this week so I switched it up and put Monday and Tuesday's session into one badass session this morning. My workouts were as follows:

Box Step ups superset with walking lunges - 5 sets to failure, no rest. This was a good way to begin the session, we were waiting on the leg ext. and leg curls.
Leg extensions - 70, 80, 100, 120 for 5 sets to failure
Leg curls - 50, 50, 80, 100 for 5 sets to failure
Hack Squats- 1p, 2p, 3p, 4plates for 5 sets of 10, 3p, 2p- These were the best yet!
Stiff-leg deadlifts - 135, 135, 225 for 5 sets to failure, 135
Seated calf raises - 2p for ten sets to failure, I always superset these with whatever other exercise I am doing so there isn't really any rest...
Straight-leg calf raises - 140, 200, 240, 300 for 5 sets to failure

Chest and Back
Flat BB Bench - 135, 135, 225 for 8 sets to failure (between 8-10 reps per set today)
Incline BB Bench - 135, 225 for 3 sets to failure (5-8 reps)
Lat Pulldowns Wide-grip - 100, 140, 160, 200, 240 for 5 sets to failure, 140
Reverse Lat Pulldowns V-grip - 100, 120, 140 for 3 sets to failure
Incline Machine Bench Press - 1p, 2p, 3p for 5 sets to failure
Superset with BB Bentover Rows - 135, 225 for 5 sets to failure
Pec Dec Flyes - 70, 80, 100 for 4 sets to failure superset with
Rope Pullthrough (think dumbbell fly) - 80, 100 for 4 sets to failure

Both of these sessions had me ready to puke. Before legs we did intervals on the treadmill. FML. Today's chest and back was unreal! I was pumped front and back. Looking forward to this week's sessions with my girl, we dropped our other gym and will only train at Gold's now. It is exciting to switch back for the both of us. Looking forward to the more competitive atmosphere there! Here's to new gains all around! Don't forget to check me out and follow along as I make my way back to stage! Instagram - anubis3331


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Hey Everyone! Hope training is going well for you all. Today was arm day! We got snowed in so it was great. At three we were finally able to head out to Gold's. My boys love it there playing soccer and whatever else with the other kids. My girl and I did some intervals on the treadmill and some abs then got to work. It feels so good to be back in Gold's again! My workout was as follows:

Close-grip Bench - 95, 135, 135, 135, 185 for 5 sets to failure
Preacher Curls - 50, 50, 70 for 3 sets to failure
Superset with Overhead Ext - 50, 50, 50, 50, 70 70
Seated Db Curls - 50s, 50s, 50s, 50s, 50s, 40s
Cable curls - 70, 80, 100, 100, 120
Superset with Rope Pressdowns - 80, 90, 120, 120, 120, 100

The pump was real today lol. Used IML preworkout and IML Nitro prior. Drank low-calorie gatorade during the session. I'm loving the progress so far with Musclegelz Androhard. Dialing in my macros and tracking everything now. It's going to be a great cut. Talk to you tomorrow after SHOULDERS!!!!!


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What's up Fellas? Anyone else feeling their cutting cycle today? Things are going really well right now. I always struggle with the cutting phase because the bulking is so much more fun. I've begun to track my macros daily now. It's helping a lot, but it is still a pain to not eat all the carbs I want. Today I had my shake first thing this morning. And then every three hours at work I ate a serving of asparagus and chicken. Added in two teaspoons of Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce. It fit in the macros. That made a lot of difference. I love BBQ sauce! I've also cut coffee completely out which is a normal part of my mornings. Instead I am drinking my aminos first thing and taking my daily pills. After the aminos are done I mix up a shaker with low-calorie gatorade to help hydrate. For the rest of the day I drink plain ice water. I refill my shaker just about every hour. For tonight's workout I did shoulders. It was slam packed at Gold's about thirty minutes in. Had to shuffle my exercises around a bit, but it was all good. I'm smoked right now drinking a shake while steaks, couscous, and brussels sprouts cook. My workout was as follows:

Standing DB press - 40s, 40s, 50s, 50s (Did these while waiting on a rack for Clean and Presses, mixed in some calves as well)
Clean and Presses - 135,135, 155 for 5 sets to failure (between 8-10 reps per set)
BB Shrugs - 135, 225, 225, 315 for 4 sets to failure, 225
Side Laterals & Front Raises superset- 25s, 25s, 30s for 5 sets to failure
All cables and Pec Deck were taken so I did TRX Straps for Rear Delts, they smoked the hell out of my shoulders. So it was a nice finish to a great session. Superpumped at the end. Ready for these steaks! If you are following along, feel free to ask questions. Don't forget to take advantage of the sales going on! SMDZ 5.0 is going to be gone in no time! I'm stocking up on it and 1Andro, together they are unbelievable! Feel free to use my discount code for another 15% off, anubis15 at checkout.


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Hey hey hey! What's up Fellas! Today I switched my routine up for weights. For the last few months I was starting the week like most with international chest day Monday. Now that I am training back at Gold's, I am going back to my preference of starting the week with Leg Day! It's by far my favorite way to kick off the week. No one is ever in the way on Monday morning because they are all doing chest! So I enjoyed the hell out of tonight doing Chest. My pump was unreal thanks to IML Nitro and Preworkout. We began the session with intervals again on the treadmill. One minute on one minute off. These felt really good tonight. By the time I was done I could feel the Androhard, preworkout and nitro kicking in full force. My workout was as follows:

Flat BB Bench Press - 135, 135, 225 for eight sets to failure (5-8 reps each set)
Incline BB Bench Press - 135,135, 225 for eight sets to failure (3-6 reps each set) These felt incredible today
Flat Bench DB Fly - 40s for five sets to failure (8-12 reps each set) Almost went heavier for lower reps, but the stretch and pump felt too good.
Machine Bench Press - 80, 80, 100, 100, 120, 140 for 4 sets to failure, 140 - 120 -120 drop set (I did really high reps on most sets, ended with a great drop set)

This workout was a great way to end the week and kick off a great weekend! Lots of hiking and other active recovery activities. All cardio and abs this weekend. If you are enjoying this log, consider checking me out on Instagram @anubis3331 to follow along as I work back to hitting the bodybuilding stage! This cut is going well, I've dropped down to 195 so far from 200. Can't wait to see how I look by summer.


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Hey Fellas! I made it back. This week has been great, but crazy schedule. The Androhard is definitely in full force. I feel incredible! My weight is dropping steadily as I lean out, but I am keeping all the lean muscle I've put on. Pretty soon I will be adding 5aLaxogen to the mix to help maintain the muscle even more. Strength is definitely going up steadily. This week my girlfriend and I have switched our schedule up. Yesterday was legs. Today was back. Here are my workouts.

Leg Press - 2p,3p, 4p for five sets to failure superset with
Hack Squats same weights and sets.
Leg extensions superset with Leg Curls - 80, 100, 120 for five sets to failure (no rest between sets)
Calf raises - 320 for eight sets to failure superset with seated calf raises with 3 plates
At the end I did box step ups with my gf using just my body weight and walking lunges supersets

Today - Back
Lat pulldowns wide-grip - 100, 130, 160, 180, 200, 220 for five sets to failure
Seated rows - 120, 140, 200 for five sets to failure
One-arm DB rows - 100, 100, 120 for four sets to failure - These are feeling great! Working back to the 150s for sets of 8-10 usually
TRX rows to failure. These were something different to use as a burnout.


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Hey Fellas! Today was a great day of switching things up. This morning we decided to do shoulders and arms. Partially out of celebration, partially because we love shoulders and arms! Nonetheless, we took our sweet time and I went in to the office later than usual. Once again, this MuscleGelz Androhard is kicking ass! My strength is still going up as I am cutting down. My stomach is leaning out more and more, finally. In my shoulders, neck, and arms I am getting more definition all around. The veins are coming back. At this point I am interested to see how long this bottle lasts. I'm still using four pumps twice a day. Typically before both of my daily workouts. My workout was as follows:

Standing Db press - 30s, 40s, 40s, 50s for five sets to failure(could have went heavier, but it felt good to get a nice warm up going)
DB Side Laterals - 20s, 30s for five sets to failure Superset with Front Raises
Triceps Overhead Extensions - 60s for five sets to failure
Seated Db Curls - 40s, 40s, 50s for five sets to failure superset with
Rope Pressdowns - 70, 80, 90, 100, 120
BB Shrugs - 225, 315 for five sets to failure (finally had a rack to use, dumbass was curling in the squat rack!!!)
Cables Rear Delts (bentover) - 30 for five sets to failure
Preacher Curls - 70, 80, 100 for three sets to failure
Close grip Bench - 135, 135, 185 for five sets to failure

This workout was random as hell to extent, butttt it was damn amazing. The pump was incredible from the Androhard, Nitro, and Preworkout. Check out the picture from today on my Instagram -anubis3331!