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Shawn Ray – Punks His Haters, Once Again!


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Shawn Ray – Punks His Haters, Once Again!

I like Shawn Ray. We started out as a bit of rivals on the Muscular Development forums, but that’s no shocker; we’re both highly opinionated people who say what we want, when we want, and how we want. We don’t really like censorship and we don’t see the point in kissing ass. If your work is good, it’ll speak for itself. Walking on your knees is simply not an option. However, in addition to being an opinionated and strong-principled individual, Shawn is also an IFBB Hall of Fame Bodybuilder, a Top Olympian, a contest emcee, media personality, promoter and more!!

👉 https://www.ironmaglabs.com/2021/shawn-ray-punks-his-haters-once-again/


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