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Spiny cuts his shit with SDMZ5.0 and Invictus


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Two part Review

1st) Invictus
Absolutely loved this. Didn't have a chance to put it to its full potential because of the stress I'm under but this blocker works really well. Smells great and rubs in very smoothly. Ate like garbage the whole run except the last week and a half and I'm finishing leaner than what I started. Definitely planning on buying some after I get all moved.

2nd) SDMZ 5.0
Suprised the hell out of me that IML'S latest andro style take in the ph market packs so much punch. Still hitting 405 on bench, 495 on deadlifts, and 495 on squats after going into a cruise. This product will be perfect as a starter cycle or an in-between methylated oral cycles. Very impressed when I had other thoughts going in.

Both of these products rocked and will definitely stay a staple in my regimen. Big thanks to IML and Iron Legion for sponsoring my bad ass run!