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TheBatman vs Epi Andro Log


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I figured I wouldn't fill up space on other's threads, so I'd create mine detailing my experience.

Some Info:


I have been lifting consistently for about five years. I had to stop for about six months due to a car wreck that did significant damage to my spine/back. So, I'm not really what I was before. Something I'm completely aware of. You won't see me throwing around huge weights, and I'm okay with this.

My Epi Andro log will be ran alongside DMZ 2.0 as well as some cycle support. It looks like something like this...

Epi Andro 5 pills a day (2 AM, 3 PM (usually before lifts))
DMZ 2.0 2 pills a day (AM/PM)
Cycle Support 2 a day (AM)

I have been on Epi Andro for the past week, and started DMZ today. Here is what I can say so far.

Energy: It's there. Nothing too amazing. But I feel it.
Body Changes: Nothing so far. No weight change. No muscle changes, that I can tell.
Pumps: Very nice. I usually NEVER feel leg pumps. I just don't. I feel it a lot here.
Sex: It feels a bit upped.
Libido: Despite having 'more' sex. The horniness isn't really there. I'm not humping walls, like I was on previous cycles.
Sides: Nothing. I'm surprised I'm not more horny. Usually I get stupid horny. Nothing so far. as far as lethargy, nothing here either. No real sides.

Also, my diet is pretty above average. I eat around two chicken breasts a day. 1.5 gallons of water is a standard for me. I don't eat fast food. My weakness is sweets but I'm doing my best to avoid them. I take BCAAs morning and night. 2-3 scoops of protein a day.


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My leg workout yesterday:

leg extensions: 4x25
leg press superset with weighted lunges: 4x50 (40 lunge steps with 15 lbs)
Hack Squat: 4x20
Romanian Deadlifts: 4x12
Lying Leg Curl: 4x12
Standing Calf Raises: 4x75
Seated Calf Raises: 5x50

If anyone is wondering, YES, this is The Rock's Hercules workout. I absolutely love it. A true challenge.


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Today was chest day. I didn't get much time in today, roughly 35 minutes before work. Struggled to get the pump on everything, but flys managed to do it (thankfully).

After my wreck I really struggled with eating. I went from being someone who was ALWAYS hungry, to NEVER being hungry. Thankfully, everything looks back in point. I just need to be better with my choices (and I am).

Also, I decided I'd do something a bit different. I'm an avid lifter in my wife beater, but decided, since I lost a lot of mass, I'd just wear my sweatshirt (it also helps me sweat more). I'll be wearing it for a while, before I finally reveal it to myself and see how I've done.

Beyond that, nothing to report.


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So, I believe I'm at 8 days (three days, I do believe on DMZ). Here are somethings to note.

Diet: I'm always hungry. I miss this feeling. As compared to other cycles, I'm choosing correctly, instead of binging on garbage.
Digestion: It feels like World War 2 in my stomach. Constant battles. I go about three times a day (number two) and it is NOT pretty, like at all.
Aggression: Fiancee yelled at me quite a bit for being a jerk. I've never noticed it, but on this cycle, I can't help but ALWAYS be frustrated.
Pumps: Within the first set, of anything, I'm pumped up. Unfortunately, my chest didn't feel pumped at all when I lifted, despite the heavy sets/reps.
Sexual Health: I've had a back and forth record with libido during my history with cycling. I've had CRAZY high libido and CRAZY low. Like I couldn't give two shits about the opposite sex (not going to lie, I felt so wise). This one feels in between, that being said, whenever my fiancee does grab me, things change in a heartbeat. Size is definitely HUGELY different (how the hell is this even possible?)
Strength: Nothing to note so far.
Endurance: Getting back into things I expected to be out of shape. I definitely am. Constantly out of breath, trying to grab myself. I'm not a fan of this. I could play about four or five hours worth of Basketball and be okay. I'm struggling through sets now. I figured as much, with me being almost seven months out of working out/sports.
Visual Changes: I don't see anything yet.
Vascularity: Forearms definitely. Definitely in my hands. Biceps a little bit.
Sleep: It's 'ok'.
Weight: 228.2 (Gain of almost a pound).

So far. So good. Really hoping this heats up soon.


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Alright. I'm back at it with another update. Did legs, followed by a day with shoulders/arms. I had a really great workout, received some compliments. Felt decent. Here are some of the updates.

Diet: I've been eating pretty good on this cycle. I've been far more consistent. I think that definitely helps. Pumps are pretty clean.
Digestion: Settled down quite a bit. My movements haven't been as drastic.
Aggression: Definitely having some anger issues at home. This is more just feeling frustrated and moody. If I don't get enough sleep I get really annoyed.
Pumps: Day to day? Eh. I don't really feel a whole lot. During workouts though, wow. It feels great.
Sexual Health: Active. That's all I can say, and noticeable.
Strength: It has went up a bit, but no where near what I used to be.
Endurance: This has went up a bit too. I've always supersetted stuff, it has been my excuse to skip cardio. This has been pretty consistent.
Visual Changes: Arms. Maybe a bit in the traps. Waist is a bit thinner.
Vascularity: Really pops during lifts. Not lifting, mostly in the forearms.
Sleep: Again, just okay.
Weight: 230.3


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So, yesterday was the final day of DMZ (a week after Epi Andro). Here is what I have to say:

Diet: My diet was 'pretty good' Better than usual, but still wasn't perfect by any means. I don't drink soda, or eat fast food. I do eat sweets quite a bit. It is what it is.
Digestion: Had a lot of issues with this over the period of my cycle. They weren't always perfect, felt like uncomfortable mud slides to be completely honest.
Aggression: I was always annoyed. Just felt like someone pissed in my Wheaties a lot. This made me feel quite lonely often, despite having no real reason to be.
Pumps: Pretty fantastic. My favorite part is feeling my arms, and just noticing how hard they are. This is my favorite cycle benefit period.
Sexual Health: It was okay. I don't think it was 'that' great. To be completely honest. When the General was touch, it became activated, beyond that, I don't think I felt a libido change.
Strength: Okay. I saw quick advancements, but in terms of overall strength, I'm still behind where I was before my car accident.
Endurance: This increased rapidly. I first started feeling heavy, and out of it. Quickly it pumped into gear.
Visual Changes: Arms. Chest. Back. Legs. Stomach was a bit bloated.
Vascularity: Always my best feature during cycles. Everything pops out, especially around my traps.
Sleep: Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Awful. Horrible.
Weight: 234

Overall, I liked this cycle. It wasn't my favorite (DMZ 3.0 is probably my favorite) but I enjoyed it enough. Started PCT today, ready to get back to being 'human' and then going back hard at it again over the summer.