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Vanilla Protein – The Throwaway Flavor?


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Vanilla Protein – The Throwaway Flavor?

It’s true; I’m not going to lie, most vanilla flavor protein powders taste like crap. There’s very little money in protein. It’s very expensive to make, it ships in 2lb or 5lb tubs, which take up a lot of inventory space and expiration dates are very much the hourglasses that keep investors and corporate officers at edge.

Unlike other products that can be used for years, animal-based proteins have to be sold a lot faster. Then, of course, there’s shipping. Like I said, most companies take a hit when it comes to protein, however, it’s such a bedrock supplement that any company that doesn’t have a protein to sell, risks not being taken seriously.

👉 https://www.ironmaglabs.com/2022/vanilla-protein-the-throwaway-flavor/


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