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Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!


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Here we are again...

Time to blast to the moon! Pack came in yesterday with flying colors. Crazy how fast shipping is half way across the world now days.

Everything looks fuckin great. Guys Over at UZ know what they're doin..

Received 5 Tren E, a pack of Anadrol-50 and Cialis. Everything looks top notch. Tren is nice and gold. Pills are well pressed. All Euro- Pharma

Going to start out at 350mg a week then titrade up to 600mg a week. First week 50mg Anadrol a day then starting 2nd week. 100mg week.

Total gear will be

1000mg a week Test C
500mg Deca
600mg Tren E
100mg Anadrol ed. (Starting week two)
Going to do ed injections. See how that works for me.

I have Every every AI under the Sun incase something pops up.

Really going to try to blow up. Diet is mostly clean with 2 dirty meals a day. ( 7 meals total) alot of meat and rice shakes. 2 solid food meals a day.

Training 5 days a week, 2 hours. One, maybe 2 muscles a day.

Weighing in right now 205 in the AM, lean around 11%-14% bf. Maybe lower.

Super motivated, first hit my first shot this morning. Everything nice and smooth! No pip nothing. EURO-Pharma is the best. Always smooth. I've not ran there Npp, TP and now Tren E.

Hope you guys will follow me along for the ride. Should be a good one!! Wish me luck!!


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What a day, busy busy busy.

Hit the gym at 4pm. Left at 6. Hit back and chest. Great fuckin workout. Popped one 50mg Ep Anadrol. Hour and a half before gym. Holy fuck. Already felt it.

Instantly stronger. It's pretty fuckin insane. Nothing like it. It makes me a fuckin animal in there.

2nd shot of EP Tren this morning. Nice and smooth 15 hours later. No pip, lump Nothing. Smooth. Always smooth.

Got 6 meals in so far. One more before bed and I'll hit my mark. Feelin fuckin great. Will repot back tomorrow. Will also take some starting pics and some TD pics!


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Hit legs, shoulders and a little bit of biceps.


Great workout took 50mg Ep Anadrol 2 hours before gym. 2nd day with the Abombs and already feelin strong as fuck lifts are all going up!! Feel great. Injected another 50mg Ep Tren E. This morning. 3rd shot down. All smooth as butter so far.

Got nothing to complain about life is good. Saturday and Sundays are off days for me. Then back at it Monday. Goal for next few days is dont miss a meal and grow grow grow!


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Weekend was nice some good rest in. Ready for the week. Did my daily shot of EP Tren E 50mg. Paired it with a delicious 75mg deca and 125mg Test C or the backend.

All smooth. I believe it is my 8th injection.. Been rotating shoulders and glutes. No problems yet. No pip nothing. Little over a ML a day.

Feelin great. Going to take my 50mg Anadrol around 2:00. Then gym at 4. Can't wait to get in there. Today's going to be chest and back!


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Was so fucking pumped to hit the gym yesterday but around one o'clock started feeling like absolute shit. Started throwing up nausea like a motherfucker.

A couple times a year I have stomach issues that just fucking kill me. All said and done, missed the goddamn gym. Really fucking pissed me off.

Feel great today. Lost some water. Missed 3 meals yesterday. I never miss meals so that was fuckin with me. Feel small today.

Chest and back today. Going to kill.

All good on the gear front. No lumps pip nothing. No Tren cough.

50mg Anadrol EP I'm about to get down on life is good!


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Yesterday hit legs and arms. Great workout great pump. Might be just in my head but I'm staring to wake up more during the night.

Going into week 3 of Tren E

Dropped my test and deca down.
575mg test
400mg Deca
300mg Tren E

Doing every day shots. Shut about one ML a day. Not to bad. Don't know what the fuck happened yesterday. Hit left ass check then hit legs and it fucked up something. Injecting sit is flared up.

No other sides to report. Back on my meals workin on my 2nd one right now. 3rd one at 11.

Today's going to be back and chest! One of my favorite days. 😍


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Little update pic.

Feelin good. Going to hit legs today. Seeing nice gainz. Starting to lean out. Don't really want to get lean tho. Trying to add size. Might try to toss in one more meat shake somewhere.

Definitely getting night sweats now. I now have 2 pillowcases and 2 towels laying by my side of the bed just in case I need them getting tired of getting up and having to change my pillow case and wipe down my fucking side of the bed.

Getting mad easier. Trying to chill out! Life is good. Shot down this morning. The Tren is nice and smooth from EP. Little over 10 injections now with only one bad shot.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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Had a good weekend. 2 days off from the gym. Felt refreshed ready to rock!

Hit chest and triceps. Great fuckin workout. Anadrol 100mg about hour and a half before workout. I was doing cable machines and I was lifting the whole right side of the gym off the ground. Jk I wish. I'm a pussy.

Awesome pumps, strength felt incredible, motivated like a motherfucker to move weight.

Hitting all my meals. 7 meals A-day. Started to incorporate more juice to build-up calories. Over all feeling great.

Definitely I'm a little more angry, willamore irritable. Having a little trouble sleeping, night sweats like a motherfucker.

Already putting on some mass for sure. Life is good we'll report back tomorrow.


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Tuesday hit arms and back. Today hit legs and just got a pump in the shoulders and arms. Just went heavy on legs.

Trainings been going well. Intense as a mother fucker in there. I usually go in the Sauna for about 5 mins before I start. Now, 30s and I'm starting to break a sweat.

So, I'm running about
525mg Test C,
525mg Deca
300mg Tren E (Euro pharma)
ED injections. Little under one ml a day.

100mg Anadrol
50mg Anavar
25mg prov

25mg Proviron AM
50mg Anavar, one hour before gym
100mg Anadrol, one hour before gym.


Sleep is starting to get a little more fucked ED. But I don't feel drained or anything so that's good.

Have a uneasy feeling of anger 24/7. Feel like I'm on edge alot. Tren is the only thing that does this to me.

Over all feelin good. Will report back soon!

No other sides to report.


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Yesterday hit chest and shoulders. Great workout, been doing 3 working sets and about 4-5 different exercises. One feel set 2 heavy, last one pump.

Feelin good. Hitting all meals plus alot of extra bullshit today. During the week I'm spot on.

Hit 50mg Tren E(EP Pharma)
75mg Test E
75mg Deca

Little over a milliliter. Shots are going well. Nothing to complain about.

Sleep has gotten better these last few days. Night sweats aren't as bad right now. Moved to a lighter blanket has seemed to help a little.

Definitely seeing gainz. Everything is going great. No complaints yet. Hair is holding on good, light acne nothing really.

Today and tomorrow rest days then back at it Monday!


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Well fuck me!!!

Wow, what a workout today!! Hit back and biceps. Started with back. First day of low volume, super fuckin high intensity.

Talk about a different training session all together. Hand to God, haven't had a workout that felt that good in a long time.

Didn't go for a pump, and ultimately ended up with the best pump in a long time. 3 workin hard as fuck sets. Nice rest period in between to regain strength.

Went heavy as I could possibly go. Squeezed every rep. Nothing I could have done better.

I'm on top of the world right now. Going into 5th week I think? Everything's going great. Night sweats aren't as bad. No acne, no hair loss, no nothin. Everything seems to be leveling out. I've reached homeostasis boys, lol

Gear run down.

75mg Tren E, ed Euro-Pharmacies.
75mg Test E, ed
75mg Deca ,ed.

100mg Anadrol ed
50mg Anavar ed
25mg Proviron ed
Cialis 5mg ed (Euro Pharmacies)

1mg Caber once a week
.5mg Arimedex once a week

Seeing great gainz already. Not trying to stay lean but can't seem to eat enough. And I'm eatting fuckin hella. 7 meals a day. No bull shit. And real meals. Got to be in the 4,500 to 5,000 range maybe even more. Every 2 hours, longest 4 hours.(gym)

Life is great!


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Out here fuckin shit up!

Been havin ups and downs lately lol. Tren is a mother fucker. Double edge sord if you will.

Everything was going smooth, running my test and deca. I've ran anadrol a few times before to. So I know it ant that.

Fuck man.. Been really pissed off lately. The Tren E is definitely kickin in full blast. Feel strong as fuck tho. That paired with 100mg Androl from EP, 50mg Anavar and 5mg Cialis from EP as well.

Lifts keep going up. Not doing high reps anymore. Keeping it around 8-12 max. One warm up feel set. 2 working sets. 3 different machines.

Sleep is fucked, waking up every few hours. Don't feel burned out tho. Night sweats are fuckin terrible.

Other that that nothing. Just trying to stay positive and not implode. I can say the Tren from EP is definitely gtg.


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Still crankin hard. Mentally a little fucked up..

I dont care about anything. Family, paying bills, tranning gettin my meals in. Fuck it all.

I know it's all in my head so I'm powering through. Gainz are good. About to start a mini cut here soon and see what this tren can really do. I've already cut down calories from about 5,000 to 2,700. Cut down carbs in 2 meals upped protein.

I can say this Tren is definitely the real deal. Having the normal sides. Slept pretty good lastnight. Didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night and take a Bong rip to sleep. That shit makes me feel like shit in the morning when I wake up.

Gains are good but the crazy thing is the strength increase. It's fuckin nuts. Hitting PR's daily. Been going heavy low volume 5 days a week. Cut down my workout from hour 30 to one hour.

Pumps are fuckin stupid. I salt up pretty good on my before gym meal. That and the UncleZ Cialis gets the blood fuckin pumping.

Sex drive is just fucking stupid. Jerkin it 2-3 times a day and bangin the old beautiful ball and chain. Lookin at hookers and shit. That's old me tho. Been years. Just seeing what's out there lol.

Over all not giving up. I got a strong head and I'm doin alot better now. I know it's all in my mind so all good.

Still hitting a little under 1ml a day
Tren E
Test C

I ended up dropping the anadrol. 100mg was killing my appetite. Can't gain if I can't eat. But man was it fuckin nice. Felt full all day, strrong,, aggressive as fuck haha.

Today is chest/Triceps and tomorrow is a heavy leg day!!


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Pump it Pump it.

Going into week 7. Going STRONG into week 7. Feelin over all, pretty good.

(EP Pharmacies)
Tren at 500-600mg a week. Test C at 500-600mg a week. Deca at 300-500 week.

EP Cialis 5-10mg a day. 50mg Anavar. 1mg Cabergoline a week. 1mg Adex a week. Proviron 25mg a day.

Pretty Dialed in, every day injections really help to stabilize me. Visual side effects are at a minimum. Very little acne maybe a little hair loss but not really sure.

Mental sides aren't too bad anymore either I definitely know what's going on in my head and I'm figuring it out. I've learned to relax a little.

Gains are fucking rolling in everyone I see says I look way bigger. My mother in law who is an uptight bitch that can't give a compliment to save her life said I was looking bigger so that means something to me haha.

Strong as fuck. Working out for 45 minutes to an hour 4 to 5 times a week. (Cut that way down). Was doing an hour and a 1/2. But I'm a skinny little bitch ectomorph and turns out that was only hurting me. I'm gettin in and gettin out. Intensity like a motherfuckr.

All meals plus are getting out down. 7 meals a day. Not one is a protein shake alone. All high calories.

I want to fuck everything. My wife wont put out one night and I'm ready to end it all, lol.


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Alright so things are going pretty well only mentally a little fucked up now.

Still doing everyday injections.. This morning hit right ass cheek. Probably done about 50 injections with only 1 or 2 bad ones. Bad as in a little swelling and a little pip. Most are perfect.

Ep Tren is doin its job. The only problem is I can't eat enough food. And I'm eatting so much fuckin food. It would blow you away. I'm only 205 and have to eat like I'm fuckin 300 pounds to gain. It fuckin sucks cock. At least I'm lean year round I guess. I'm honestly Fucking sick of being lean I just want to put on some goddamn fat and be a little bigger add a little more size goddamn.

Mood is pretty stable, still having some UPS and Downs. Sex drive is through the fucking roof. It's not good. Banging the wife everyday and jerkin it 3 times a day. Lookin at midget porn now, I've gotten down a dark road.

Ep Cialis has my duck hard at any moment. It's good and bad.

Training hard as fuck heading back 2 times a week arms 2 times a week Legs 2 times a week everything 2 times a week if not 3 times. Games are rolling in. Now that I've scaled back my volume I'm able to hit a couple extra muscles a session usually.


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Fuck it all!!!

Naw I'm kidding, things are going good. Still emotionally pretty fucked up but it is what it is I don't care . Nothing too crazy though nothing I cant handle. Yesterday was a pretty bad day for me.

Everyday injections are going pretty smooth. Using a 1/2 inch needle, the only problem I have is when I don't go deep enough, It's a fucking bitch to inject the oil.


500-600mg Tren E from UncleZ.
400-500mg Test C
200-300mg Deca

Cialis 10mg from UncleZ
Anavar 50mg

Gains arnt anything crazy. Just slow and steady. I'm not complaining. I gained 50 pounds this year. Happy I'm still moving up. Break time in a few weeks.

Diet is fucking wild right now.. Eating all my clean meals plus a crazy amount of garbage. Well quality garbage a lot of good quality take out food. I have to be around 5,000-6,000. Literally the only time I'm not eating or drinking is when I'm in the gym or sleeping. Still not getting fat.


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Running and gunning,

Highlight of the week, is fuckin food!! I've been eating so much it's fucking insane.

Meal 1, 750 caliores
3 cups rice crispy cereal, 2 scoops whey protein, generous amount of coconut oil.

Meal 2, 650 caliores
7 oz ground beef, 350 to 400g Jasmine rice. Nice amount of coconut.

Meal 3, 1,800 caliores
5 guys burgers and fries big cheeseburger and a hot dog with a Coke.

Meal 4, 650 caliores
Same as meal 2

Meal 5, 750 caliores
Same as meal 1

Meal 6, 950 caliores
Breaded Fish and potatoes, and a salad.

Meal 7, 750 caliores
Same ad meal 1 and 4.

Also drinking water, orange juice, cranberry juice throughout the day.

Everything is going smooth feelin pretty good and makin gainz!!