Extreme Cutting Stack


• Ephedra Stack – 1 bottle
• Stimulate – 1 bottle
• Carb Fix – 1 bottle


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Extreme Cutting Stack

✔️ Promotes Fat Loss
✔️ Increases Energy & Metabolism
✔️ Decreases Appetite
✔️ Enhances Mental Focus & Cognition
✔️ Improves Mood & Memory
✔️ Reduces Carbs Being Stored As Fat
✔️ Manages Blood Sugar Levels
✔️ Decreases Inflammation
✔️ Minimizes Free Radical Damage

Ephedra Stack

ECA stack is simply a combination of ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin (white willow bark) and medically proven to work. It speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your appetite, thus making it easier for you to shred body fat. All three ingredients work in conjunction with one another, to increase your metabolic rate, and thus help you burn calories faster. more info…


Enhanced Nootropic Blend that includes some of the most well-researched ingredients to help you achieve extreme mental focus and performance while also providing you with a boost in physical energy to help your body keep up with your brain. more info…

Carb Fix

Whether you are trying to put on lean muscle mass or drop unwanted body fat, Carb Fix is the solution. Leveraging the powerful glucose disposal and nutrient partitioning ingredients found in Carb Fix, you have the ability to better digest, absorb, and utilize the food you eat rather than having it stored as unwanted body fat. Carb Fix allows your meals work for you rather than against you. more info…

Extreme Cutting Stack Dosing

• Ephedra Stack – 1 to 2 caps daily.
• Stimulate – 1 to 3 caps daily.
• Carb Fix – 1 to 2 caps with your highest carb meals.

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