Lean Hard Muscle Stack


• Super 1-Andro Cream – 1 bottle
• Super EPI-Andro – 1 bottle
• 7-Keto DHEA – 1 bottle


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Lean Hard Muscle Stack

✔️ Increases Muscle Hardening
✔️ Increases Lean Muscle Mass
✔️ Increases Strength & Recovery
✔️ Increases Recovery
✔️ Increases Aggression
✔️ Increases Metabolism
✔️ Promotes Fat Loss
✔️ Decreases Fat Storage
✔️ Decreases Cortisol
✔️ Bloat Reduction

Super 1-Andro Cream

1-DHEA is a naturally occurring DHEA isomer which cannot convert to testosterone or estrogen — but instead converts to the non-estrogenic 1-Testosterone. 1-DHEA gets most of its effects from conversion to 1-androstenediol, which has potent muscle building and hardening effects in and of itself. 1-DHEA does not convert to estrogen nor does it activate the estrogen receptor like DHEA is known to do. It could be referred to as “dry DHEA”. Because of this, it will stack well with other estrogenic steroids such as 4-DHEA to produce† clean gains in muscle tissue. more info…

Super EPI-Andro

Super Epi-Andro is a superior form of the compound Epiandrosterone that is enanthated and is called Epiandrosterone Undecanoate which has a much higher conversion and absorption rate. Which means much more of the compound is converted in the body absorbed and utilized. Epiandrosterone Undecanoate converts in the body to an androgen called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). more info…

7-Keto DHEA

3-Acetyl-7-Oxo-Dehydroepiandrosterone (7-keto-DHEA), also known as 7-oxoprasterone, is a prohormone produced by metabolism of the prohormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). 7-KETO® DHEA is not directly converted to testosterone or estrogen, and has thus been investigated as a potentially more useful relative of DHEA. more info…

Lean Hard Muscle Stack Dosing

• Super 1-Andro Cream – 2 pumps daily
• Super EPI-Andro – 2 caps daily
• 7-Keto DHEA – 2 caps daily

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