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Muscle Greens


Delicious Blueberry Pomegranate

✔️ Helps Mind & Body Function Optimally†
✔️ Fills Nutritional Gaps†
✔️ Provides Key Micronutrients†
✔️ Helps Boost Energy Levels†
✔️ Immune System Support†
✔️ Detoxifying Properties†


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Muscle Greens


All Natural Super Food Powder

Without Your Health, What Good Is a Great Physique?
You’ve probably told yourself, “I should really eat more greens.” But… you aren’t, are you? The fact of the matter is, for many, eating greens just isn’t all that appealing. The taste is sort of bland, and you need to eat a lot of greens to feel full and satiated.†

Unfortunately, issues arise when you skip out on this crucial source of beneficial micronutrients, and you may, ultimately, be causing deficiencies and detrimental nutritional gaps. Over the long-term, this could put you at risk for several various diseases and illnesses, as well as causing your body to not function and perform optimally. Muscle Greens helps solve these issues by checking all of the boxes necessary when it comes to creating the ultimate super food product and greens supplement.†

If you’ve tried greens powders in the past, you may find yourself dry-heaving at just the thought of them. Many do a terrible job with their flavoring system, and the vast number of greens tossed together does not have the best taste or even mouthfeel. That’s where Muscle Greens separates itself from the rest. Muscle Greens is a delicious premium super food supplement that you’ll actually look forward to drinking daily. This once-a-day formula provides you with all of the micronutrients your body needs and demands to help keep your mind and body performing at the highest level.†

Complete Greens Formula to Maximize Health & Performance
Nutrient deficiencies due to a lack of consuming enough greens in your nutrition can lead to health and performance issues. Your immune system can be more easily compromised when you suffer from nutritional gaps. You may also find your athletic and cognitive performance can worsen. It all stems back to key nutrients you are missing due to not eating a sufficient amount of greens.†

However, there is hope for those who simply can’t stomach greens or merely can’t eat enough in their daily nutrition, and that’s through the help of Muscle Greens. Not only does Muscle Greens include the necessary greens to help boost immunity and performance, but it also includes vital super foods to support you with an even greater number of benefits.†

Don’t settle for a greens supplement or super food powder that forces you to hold your nose and choke it down. Muscle Greens is a delicious product that is specifically formulated to help advance your health and performance.†

Who Can Benefit from This Super Food Product?
Muscle Greens was specifically formulated for the masses to take advantage of. Men and women, both young and old, can benefit from this all-natural super food powder. Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, Muscle Greens can take your health and nutrition to new heights. Don’t let nutrient deficiencies slow you down – take advantage of this greens supplement to help enhance your immunity, boost your energy, detoxify your body, and keep your mind and body performing at the highest level.†


Detox Blend – A precise blend of ingredients that helps detoxify your body by getting rid of harmful toxins. This powerful blend can increase urine alkalinity, which may improve the body’s ability to pull harmful pollutants out of the system and eliminate them.†

Energy Blend – There are several ingredients that can drastically improve energy levels. This specific blend combines some of the most influential and effective natural products that can provide you with a clean and steady stream of energy to help get you through the busiest of days and most grueling workouts.†

Digestive Blend – Commonly overlooked, digestion is an integral part of overall health and wellness. When you are unable to fully digest your food or supplements, you’re not pulling out all of the crucial nutrients needed to fuel your body and help keep it functioning properly. In addition, feeding your digestive tract what it needs, such as probiotics, can increase the healthy bacteria in your gut, which can positively impact your immune system and defense mechanisms.†

Antioxidant Blend – Your body is under attack from free radicals on a daily basis. Stress, exercise, pollution, etc., are doing damage to your body regularly without you even realizing it. The best way to put up a fight and help eliminate free radicals before they can do the body harm is by flooding the system with powerful antioxidants. The antioxidant properties found in this blend can help your body better manage and destroy free radicals before they can do harm.†

Suggested Use

Mix one (1) full scoop into 12 ounces of water or other preferred beverage.

Weight 12 oz

3 reviews for Muscle Greens

  1. Peter Lyas (verified owner)

    Awesome product for when you don’t get to eat a full balanced meal and your on the go you could just fill up a cup of muscle greens and fill in the gaps where you missed certain vitamins and nutrients that were needed from a well balanced meal that you missed, and still win.

  2. Brian Duclos (verified owner)

    We all need more greens in our diet and this certainly helps. I blend a scoop of this with a scoop of whey in the morning and that combination of ingredients primes my body for a great day

  3. ordawg1

    The best green drink I have ever used. I use mine early morning and keeps my body nourished all day

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