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Maximizing Growth & Recovery


by Mike Arnold

There has been a lot of talk in the bodybuilding community over the last few years regarding the role of workout-based insulin and for good reason–it is the single best time one can use the drug to promote recovery & growth, but what exactly makes it so effective…and more importantly, how can we maximize our results with this approach? Of all the subjects I have touched on over the years, nothing else has even come close to generating such a large amount of interest from so many people. With this in mind, I have decided to address some of these unanswered questions not only to validate this particular method of administration, but to clear up any misconceptions which arose as a result of my former writings on the topic.
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A Step by Step Guide to Getting Big


by Mike Arnold

To the typical American, the pursuit of bodybuilding is often perceived as a simplistic affair requiring little intelligence or insight. To them, success is determined by little more than grunting in the gym and eating an abundance of protein. While this has caused many to label its adherents with less than flattering stereotypes, those who have seen the sport from the inside know differently.

Now, it is true that no single aspect of bodybuilding is overly complicated, but the foundational sciences of which the sport is comprised can be enormously complex, requiring doctorates and beyond before one is officially recognized as possessing an advanced level of learning in any single branch. Even then, it only scratches the surface of the total amount of knowledge contained therein.
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Milk Thistle and Liver Health – Part 1


Legend has it that as the Virgin Mary was passing by, some of her maternal mother’s milk was spilt upon the nearby thistle. This caused the veins within the leaves of the plant to turn milky-white and as tradition would have it, was also responsible for imparting this plant with its original and still current name; Milk Thistle.
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Pro-hormone version of Anabolic Steroid Trenbolone


The breakthrough came in 2012, for the pro-hormone analogue of the anabolic steroid trenbolone. Chemical bodybuilders who had tried the new designer supplement and were convinced of its effectiveness wrote about their experiences on all international forums. Trendione, the name we’ll use for the active ingredient in these products, is apparently active when taken orally. And sure enough, we found an animal study that confirms this.

Trenbolone is an expensive hormone. On the raw materials market a kilogram of trenbolone costs over six times as much as a kilogram of testosterone. This is because trenbolone, with three double bonds in its skeleton, is an anabolic steroid that requires considerable chemical gymnastics to produce.
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