Carb Fix

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Insulin Mimicker & Optimizer†

✔️ Supports Carbohydrate Metabolism†
✔️ Supports Muscle Volume†
✔️ Supports Healthy Metabolism†
✔️ Healthy Blood Sugar Levels†
✔️ Supports Natural Hormone Balance†


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What is Carb Fix?

Carb Fix is an “insulin mimetic” to help reduce muscle breakdown by increasing carb utilization and with it the shuttling of glycogen & amino acids for muscular gains. Where our hormones help spawn new muscle, insulin drastically reduces catabolic activity and allows muscle to repair bigger & stronger. Essentially Carb Fix allows you the ability to eat more carbohydrates while drastically limiting fat gain. What generally happens to many is that your high carbohydrate meals will cause the nutrients to get pushed into the fat cells which causes your body fat percentage to increase. You achieve the opposite effect when utilizing the beneficial formula found in Carb Fix.†

Who Can Benefit from This Product?
Carb Fix was carefully formulated to allow the vast majority of people out there the ability to benefit from this fascinating product. If you are looking to better utilize the carbohydrates you consume and use them to your advantage, rather than storing them as body fat, this product is an absolute must. Whether you are trying to put on lean muscle mass or drop unwanted body fat, Carb Fix is the solution. Leveraging the powerful glucose disposal and nutrient partitioning ingredients found in Carb Fix, you have the ability to better digest, absorb, and utilize the food you eat rather than having it stored as unwanted body fat. Carb Fix allows your meals work for you rather than against you.†


  • Berberine – A plant compound that aids in managing blood sugar levels, helps increase the healthy bacteria in the gut, has anti-inflammatory properties and may help improve weight loss.†
  • Sodium R Lipoate – Can help produce cognitive benefits, help decrease blood glucose and has antioxidant properties that aid in the protection of free radicals.†
  • Fenugreek (50% Saponins) – Aids in lowering blood sugar, supporting healthy testosterone levels, helps lower appetite and helps with inflammation in the body.†
  • Kaempferol – A natural flavonoid that helps prevent oxidative stress due to free radicals and can helps support healthy glucose levels.†
  • Gymnema Slyvestre – Powerful herb that supports weight loss, may help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, supports healthy blood sugar levels and aids in curbing sugar cravings.†
  • Cinnamon – Loaded with antioxidants, can help with inflammation and healthy blood glucose levels.†
  • Bitter Melon – A spiky fruit that is full of micronutrients, supports healthy blood sugar, supports weight loss and healthy cholesterol levels.†
  • Chromium Glycosinate – A mineral that can help improve insulin sensitivity, aid in metabolizing fat & carbohydrates and supports weight loss.†
  • Banaba – Helpful leaves that can help control glucose levels and may inhibit the formation of fat cells in the body to aid with weight management.†
  • Fucoxanthin – Specific form of seaweed that helps the body burn fat and speed up the metabolism while also aiding in healthy blood sugar levels.†
  • African Mango – An extract from the African mango seed that can aid in weight loss and fat-burning while also helping manage healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels.†

Suggested Use

Take one (1) to two (2) capsules with your highest carb meals. Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24 hour period.

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4 reviews for Carb Fix

  1. Peter Lyas (verified owner)

    So carb fix was made to redirect carbs to you muscles instead of your fat storage. I just finish like my 7th bottle and result are outstanding. There were days were I couldn’t be rude and tell those who may have invited me over for dinner or treated me out to eat because of my special diet I was on. So this is were the carb fix pills would come in. I probably would weigh a whole lot more than what I weigh now. The good news is that I don’t. Carb Fix is the way to go. To keep that metabolism working right. Thank you again Iron Mag Labs.

  2. Zac Bastien

    A fantastic GDA that is absolutely worth trying and comparing to the big guys. I noticed everything you are supposed to from a gda. Balanced metabolism, better pumps, fullness after eating, no bloating after eating and the feeling of fully utilizing my meals. Good job guys

  3. Brian Duclos (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! I always thought these type of things were a gimmick, but as someone who is extremely sensitive to processed carbs I can assure you this works for me! I take a couple with my favorite pasta meals and no more bloating, gas or puffy look the next day. Makes a difference on energy levels too, it increases after eating carbs rather than feeling lethargic

  4. (verified owner)

    I am on the Keto diet and this is a staple for when I have a high carb meal! I won’t ever go without it. Satisfied customer.

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