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Steele's training log


New member
5 45lb deadlifts (warm up)
5 70lb barbell deadlifts
5 80lb barbell deadlifts
5 90lb barbell deadlifts
5 110lb barbell deadlifts
4 sets
10 inverted rows (on TRX)
10 40lb lat pull down
10 hip raises
10 swiss ball roll outs
10 mini pull ups

3 sets
10 8lb medicine ball slams
10 40lb suspension rows (ea side)
10 WGS with walk out
10 Swiss ball roll out
10 20lb cable core press
10 minutes treadmill

10 minutes treadmill
15 minutes HIIT/ABS NTC
3 sets
10 45lb sumo squat (smith machine)
10 40lb squat machine
10 bodyweight squats
10 25lb db squats
10 40lb lying leg curls
10 30lb leg extension



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Steelestrong! Where have you been. Hope everything is ok.

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