Lee Labrada – The Legend Continues

by Christian Duque

The sport of bodybuilding seems to know no time, because the champions of yesterday continue inspire the youth today. In fact, I’ve found that the obsession most have with the 1990’s is a lot more than mere nostalgia. People miss the huge bodybuilders of that era, guys like Levrone, Dillett, and of course 6x Mr. Olympia, The Shadow himself, Dorian Yates. The 90’s have become the undeniable decade of conditioning, but the 80’s are also providing a great amount of inspiration, as well. The guys back then may not have been as massive as the 90’s, but they made for a very unique, very classy bridge between the Golden Era and the 90’s.
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New K-Cup with KSM66 is Changing the Coffee Game

by Matt Weik

We all understand that coffee is the most consumed morning beverage by Americans. Most people can’t function before having their morning cup. However, most claim it’s the caffeine they need to get going whereas a new k-cup on the market is making you think about things from a different light. Have you heard of KSM66 Ashwagandha? Well, it’s been added to k-cup coffee pods and the benefits are plentiful.
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Mainstream Media Learns A New Word

by Christian Duque

Bigorexia, or muscle dysmorphia, is quickly becoming a favored term of the mainstream media. These are the pundits who oftentimes look down on bodybuilding, who are obsessed with supplements, and who all but directly mock the many amateur and professional athletes who train hard, eat clean, and compete. If it sounds like I’m a little hostile at the major news networks, I sort of am. They only seem to report on our sport when there’s a tragedy and while they’ve been obsessed with talking about steroids, now it seems they’re opting for bigorexia.
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Nolvadex Reduces Fat-burning in Women but Not Men

by Anthony Roberts

Nolvadex (also known as Tamoxifen) is a precontest staple for both women and men. It’s technically a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, but most people lump it into the general category of “anti-estrogen.” This isn’t exactly correct, since Nolvadex functions as a weak estrogen in the body. Because it’s a weak estrogen, it’s able to bind to estrogen receptors and prevent stronger estrogens from latching on.
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Vegan Gains – Terminated from YouTube?

by Christian Duque

If you know anything about the world of youtube vlogging, you know that it’s a world of pushing the card, where almost anything goes, and where anyone and everyone could become the topic of conversation. Those in the fitness industry are constantly in the middle of it all. The landscape has changed drastically, however, first with the demise of the magazines, and now, with the seeming demise of the large websites. At one point the websites could hang on by offering lively message boards where people congregated and spent days and nights arguing with each other, but even those forums are shells of what they once were.
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The Return of Cody Montgomery

by Christian Duque

Few haven’t heard the name Cody Montgomery. 3x NPC Teen Nationals Champion, Mr. USA, and one of the youngest men ever to earn a coveted IFBB Pro League Pro Card! There was a time when Cody was on top of the world. All the magazines and major websites raced to his side, all wanting interviews, photo shoots, and simply just to pick his brain. He’d also eventually land a very good deal with supplement giant, Blackstone Labs, who he continues to work with. Montgomery did things his way. When critics failed to understand why he went for a third teenage title, instead of competing for his pro card, he followed his own gut instincts, making history.
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Shawn Ray is the Master of His Destiny

by Christian Duque

“Sugar” Shawn Ray is a man known throughout the world. He’s considered to have been one of the greatest pound for pound bodybuilders of his day. He’s won a series of major titles, including the Arnold Classic, and placed among the very best in numerous Mr. Olympias. He’s served as the Athlete’s Rep, worked for major publications like Muscular Development and major websites like Generation Iron, in addition to being featured in major motion films, documentaries, and specials. Shawn also covered bodybuilding for major television networks and was the face of countless supplement companies, domestically and internationally.
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Is Six-Pack Creamery High-Protein Ice Cream a Halo Top Killer?

by Matt Weik

I’ve done a piece of content in the past showcasing just how much Halo Top is killing it. They beat out some big names in the ice cream game in terms of sales and growth with little sign of slowing down. However, there’s a new player in the game by the name of Six-Pack Creamery. Looking at the profile, it looks as though Six-Pack Creamery could be a real threat to Halo Top and their high-protein ice cream. But will the sales knock the king off their throne?
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Is Tad Inoue The Next Joe Rogan?

by Christian Duque

I’ve known Tad Inoue aka “Tad The Diet Coach” for a few years and I must say he’s one of the most positive people in the fitness industry. If we were speaking strictly the sport of bodybuilding and all that’s related to the NPC and the IFBB Pro League, then I’d say we’d all be happy campers; however, the fitness industry is the whole enchilada, it’s almost like a whole different world than that of the stage. The industry includes the supplement world, it includes social media, and it also includes the trolls, the haters, and the prima donnas. Without falling into the trap of speaking about the negatives, let’s just say, there’s an abundance of jealousy, envy, and pettiness to go around, but there’s a select few who see past that – more than see past it, they don’t even really acknowledge it.
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Is Cedric Playing the Size Game?

by Christian Duque

Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of Cedric’s physique. I consider him to be one one of the greatest of this decade; however, I don’t share in the same marvel of others, like Arnold, over his physique. Arnold made a point to make public comments about how great he thought Cedric was in 2016 and was ecstatic when he won in 2017. There’s no question that McMillan has a physique that appealed to many of Arnold’s generation. Under the guidance of Chris “The Technician” Aceto, he’s been able to earn top placings at a number of contests. As already stated, he was also able to win the Arnold Classic.
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Big Ramy – Livin It Up in Dubai

by Christian Duque

After what was a less than stellar outing at last year’s Mr. Olympia, Big Ramy is back in the news, spotted in Dubai, and said to be living in a royal palace. When I originally wrote about Ramy’s departure from the Oxygen camp to new coach Neil Hill, for Iron Magazine, I said I didn’t think the move would last. Bader Boodai and his team know Ramy better than anyone else and I’d imagine Ramy knows every last inch of Oxygen Gym – it was his home forever and ever.
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