Ronnie Coleman – The King – A Must Watch on Netflix!

by Christian Duque

Ronnie Coleman is the G.O.A.T. – the Greatest Of All Time. I’d like to start my article with this very short, simple, and direct statement. I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings about where I stand. The sport of bodybuilding will never have a Mr. Olympia that will live up to this champion’s example and if that athlete ever comes around, I highly doubt it’ll be in my lifetime. After watching “Ronnie Coleman – The King” on Netflix, I’ve come away from the film with a few reactions and some insights. I also feel like I have some hope for the mainstream as well. I’ve been into bodybuilding for over 20yrs and many of the things that were said during the film, I saw in the magazines, dvds, and heard about from people over the years, particularly in the 2000’s.
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2018 Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

by Matt Weik

Each year I do a holiday fitness gift guide for the fitness lover in your life. This year there are a bunch of new and exciting ideas you can add to your list to bring joy to someone’s life. Some of the items below are inexpensive while others you could consider fairly pricy. Regardless, there is a good variety no matter what your budget looks like.
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Bodybuilding Saves Lives

by Matt Weik

With all the negativity surrounding the sport of bodybuilding, it’s refreshing to hear of some good that comes from it. I was looking at some headlines when I came across an article about a girl who got sick, had her large intestine removed, and while in her hospital bed decided to change her life and wanted to train for a bodybuilding contest. Not something most would think about while lying in a hospital bed after surgery, but nonetheless, it was a goal of hers. Well, that goal came to fruition and she actually won the Pure Elite World Championship (bikini division) while donning a colostomy bag. This is just one of many amazing stories I have read over the years and it made me want to write this piece.
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Why Did MMA Overcome Boxing?

by Christian Duque

Americans have had a long love of boxing that goes back more than a hundred years. Some of the greats transcended the sport. Rocky Marciano defended his heavyweight title for half a decade, never losing a match, retiring undefeated. Other greats like Joe Frasier won the gold medal at the Olympics and had a very impressive run as heavyweight champion. Perhaps the most significant boxer of the 20th century, was Muhammad Ali, often times called “The Greatest.” Ali was a boxing legend, a political figure, a philanthropist and here in Louisville, KY, a mega icon. Major streets are named after him, major venues carry his name.
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Does Where You Shop, Determine What You Get?

by Christian Duque

In Spanish we have an old saying, tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who are. Another saying that’s appropo for this article goes something like this, “you get what you pay for.” I mean, we’ve all heard that one and know it all too well. The crux of this article and of pretty much everything dealing with building quality muscle, is diet. As with anything, sources are key. If you’re buying a creatine product and the source is a cheap raw, you probably won’t see results. If you buy cheap luggage at a tourist trap, it’s likely your belongings will eventually wind up all over the floor because the bag won’t stay together long.
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How Do Today’s Bodybuilders Compare to the 90’s

by Christian Duque

Things have a tendency to improve over time, particularly things that deal with science. Strength and physique-bases sports have a great deal to do with research; they focus on innovations and discoveries insofar as nutrition, training, and supplementation. There have been numerous studies conducted, athletes have learned a great deal through trial and error in the gym (e.g. through lifts), and pretty much each contest prep, athletes and their coaches learn about how macro and micro nutrients effect condition. There are also a great deal of lessons learned from supplements, from the food-based to the hormonal. There’s also the normal course of human nature.
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Why Do Celebrities Love Bodybuilding?

by Christian Duque

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilding, which is for all intents and purposes a niche sport, draws so much attention from the music business, Hollywood, and mainstream sports? Why is that bigger draws, like the WWE have a fascination with bodybuilders? That fascination has even reaching the point, that it’s biggest mogul, Vince McMahon, put his heart and soul into starting his own bodybuilding federation. He was making a killing with wrestling, much like he has all along, but he saw something in bodybuilding. His approach may have seemed intriguing at first, as he tried to buy the loyalty of every top tier bodybuilder he could find.
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Nataliya Kuznetsova Destroys Male Pro Bodybuilders

by Matt Weik

I’ve been sitting here for about ten minutes now just trying to figure out how to start this article on Nataliya Kuznetsova. I guess the only thing you can say is “holy shit.” The end. End of story. But seriously, all joking aside, I am completely and utterly speechless. I’m still trying to process what I saw on stage a couple weeks back at the Wings of Strength show (Romania Muscle Fest).
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To Share or Not To Share – Your Supplement Choices?

By Christian Duque

Who wants to be famous? Who wants to be popular? Who wants to be listened to, consulted, and followed? Most people are going to raise their hands, because most people want to feel important. One sure-fire way to get noticed in the ever-competitive world of social media, is through sharing new information and/or delving into taboo topics. One of the most taboo topics in the fitness world is performance enhancing supplements. What’s ironic, is that most people asking the questions don’t even use the supplements they’re inquiring about. There’s a certain shock value that’s still very much present whenever these topics get broached. Back in the 70’s no one really cared much about PED’s, just like in the 80’s, because while they weren’t entirely illegal.
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Arnold and Lebron Create Ladder Supplements

by Matt Weik

By now I’m sure you have heard about the new supplement company created by some pretty big names – specifically Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lebron James, Cindy Crawford, and Lindsey Vonn. Some of those names still mean something while others are has-beens and really don’t mean anything these days. The name of the supplement company is Ladder. They claim their supplement company is unlike anything on the market today but is this truly any different than what you can buy right now?
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Oxygen Gym – Post Big Ramy

by Christian Duque

So I’m sure you’ve heard the big news by now, The Egyptian Phenom, Big Ramy has left the camel crew. For years, the bodybuilding community looked to Oxygen Gym (Ramy’s unofficial HQ) as the base of operations for the new wave of bodybuilding. The all encompassing gym in the heart of Kuwait City, represented all the things that we, growing up, associated with Golds’ Gym, muscle beach, and the way bodybuilding was in the old days of Arnold, Franco, and Lou. In today’s world, the only real gym that can lay claim to that lifestyle, that realness, and that hardcore vibe, would be the East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding, Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY. I’ve been there, I’ve done interviews there, and I can speak on a first-hand basis to what a great facility it is. Nonetheless, O2 Gym is very well put together (seeing shoots and videos), it does have have an impressive roster of athletes, and it does have plenty to offer.
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Will GNC Survive 2019?

by Matt Weik

I remember back when I was a young man going into the local GNC store and buying various products that were recommended to me by the store clerk. I’d go home with high hopes of seeing THE GAINZ only to be disappointed that the products didn’t work. I then would go back and say I need something “better” than what they recommended last time. I’d once again leave with a bag full of goodies and the scenario would replay over and over again. The only thing that seemed to be changing was the fact that my wallet was getting thinner.
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