Eating Right is Not That Complicated

by Geoff Roberts

The plethora of information that comes at us from all angles in this day in age makes it exceedingly difficult to decide what is right, wrong, legitimate, or phony. This reality is especially true with regards to nutrition. We have hugely popular figures like Dr. Oz telling us to eat truck loads of grains and fruit, along with the mainstream news telling us that each whole egg we consume takes a specific amount of time off our lives. Let us not forget television commercials and billboards telling us that a cardboard box full of sugary, processed little hoops “may help lower cholesterol”.
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Androgen Receptors

by Anthony Roberts

One of the most peculiar things about the steroid community, and in particular, the online steroid community, is the ongoing level of misinformation about the androgen receptor and the boogeyman of receptor downgrade. Because most people have experienced receptor downgrade in other forms, it’s a topic that we are somewhat familiar with (i.e. you drink so much coffee that caffeine doesn’t hit you as hard anymore, or you develop a tolerance for alcohol, etc…)
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The Importance of Having Support

by Cade Thomas

We often hear of “Teams” in bodybuilding, which is a concept I still cannot quite grasp. I don’t quite understand why a competitive athlete in a sport where you are judged alone would want to fore go their unique identity and become a member of a “team”. Sometimes it becomes so borderline culty that it resembles a sorority full of teenage girls (some physically resemble that as well, although the men fit into this description too).
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Fidget Your Way to A Healthier YOU

by Matt Weik

Are you a toe-tapper? Don’t think too deep into that question or become offended. In fact, let’s just get to the point. Many of us have jobs where we have to sit for long periods of time. As most of us should already know, taking breaks throughout the day to stand up and move around is ideal for health reasons. But now studies are showing that fidgeting might be the answer to help you improve your health if you aren’t able to get up from your desk as often as you’d like.
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The Bodybuilder’s Shopping List

by Matt Meinrod

A few years back I was shopping at the grocery store and a man actually stopped me in my tracks and said, “Do you mind if I look inside your cart, you must be doing something right.” At first it was weird, but within a second or two it made me feel good, I laughed, and proceeded to let the guy take a sneak peek into my life. Any more than 10 seconds and I would have had to push the guy out of the way for being a creepster, but I let him have his fun. He didn’t ask questions as to why I bought $5 frozen bread (Ezekiel); why I chose organic red meat over the store brand; And why it looked like I was shopping for just a day or two worth of food compared to most people that shop for the week or month.
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Dieting May Be Causing Your Weight Gain

by Matt Weik

Using the honor system, how many of you would admit to trying just about every diet out there in order to lose weight and burn fat? Did you buy into the hype and psych yourself up thinking this is going to be the diet that melts the fat right off your body—exposing that six-pack you knew you always had (but never saw)? You’re not alone my friend—that’s a fact. There are many who thought they could bring sexy back with a magical trendy diet.
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Macro Problems

It is becoming very common in todays world for people to talk about just hitting daily macronutrient goals. Doesn’t necessarily matter when, or how, as long as the end of the day the numbers add up to the imaginary guideline you set for yourself at the beginning of the day. While this is going to result in a dramatic improvement in body composition (assuming the totals are set to a somewhat reasonable ratio) for the average person who has never put any thought into diet and is overweight, ultimately most people will not get the best results they could. I REALLY do not want to go into an IIFYM (If it fits your macros) debate, honestly that’s the last thing I want to do. But I do feel there is an area or two of the concept that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, so I am going to touch on them.
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Why People Belittle Bodybuilders

by Geoff Roberts

The many false assumptions and cruel comments made in regards to bodybuilders generally stem from two different places. These two places being insecurity and jealousy. It is easy to see how a 5’11” 270 pound man with single digit body fat levels and a 31 inch waist could make a “normal” man feel insecure about himself. Jealousy, coming from either a man or woman, tends to elicit similar responses as insecurity, being that insecurity is often times the cause of these bouts of jealousy.
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Are Squats the New Bench Press?

Everyone who considers themselves half a bodybuilder (and probably most men in general) have been asked this question more than a few times in their lives – “How much do you bench?” Most of the time, people don’t even know what answer will impress them or what the numbers mean, they just seem to blurt it out in some awkward stutter when talking to another man who might carry some muscle.
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Back When Training Was Allowed to Be Fun

When I look back and try to think of the times I hold closest to my heart in my years training, it’s hard to judge. While I certainly train more efficiently, effectively, and intelligently now, it’s hard for me to not feel like something is missing in comparison to my initial love affair with the gym as a late teen/early twenty something.
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The Fat vs Sugar Debate

by Matt Weik

Once upon a time people who roamed the earth would eat food to sustain energy and to survive. They didn’t have the luxury of half-gallons of ice cream, bags of potato chips, French fries, and beer. But all those things taste great, right? True. But our mentality has shifted from the days of survival to the days of comfort. American’s sit down and eat to fulfill an emotional need. At gatherings people stand around a bunch of food that most people probably aren’t hungry for and they eat anyway to be social. This is one of the many reasons why such a large percentage of American’s are overweight or obese.
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