The Latest News On Coconut Oil, Health and Fat Loss

Less than two decades ago, coconut oil was pegged by media activists as one of the worst foods you could eat. In a surprising reversal, today coconut oil is promoted as a health food and even a fat loss “miracle.” On the internet, coconut oil has developed a cult following in alternative – natural health communities and it has started to get attention from the mainstream. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle readers are asking me about it and even public health organizations are taking another look and reconsidering positions on coconut oil and saturated fat. However, there are still major misconceptions and overblown claims being made about this tropical oil, so if you want to avoid wasting money, or making a big greasy nutrition mistake that could actually make you fatter, then read on.
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Are Saturated Fats the Hero, Villain or Not Bad?

For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with all the posts here at Burn the Fat Blog, the team at wrote our “most liked’ post ever a few months ago, in which they talked about the actual science behind 10 popular fat burners. They did a great job taking complex science and making it accessible to you, and so for an encore, I asked them to give us the straight skinny on saturated fats. Here’s what they have to say:
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Does the Scale Lie?

I was going to title this post, “The Scale Is a Liar” and that’s it. Then I saw that articles on this subject have already been written by the dozens. After skimming through them however, I was shocked to see how many of them were giving the wrong advice: “Throw away your scale!” The scale does lie to you in many ways you need to know about, but instead of throwing it out, there’s something you should do instead…
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The Physique Athlete’s Method To Maximum Fat Loss

Physique athletes (bodybuilding, fitness, fitness model, figure and bikini competitors) eat and train differently. In fact, a lot of what they do to develop the leanest, most muscular, most aesthetically pleasing bodies in the world is the exact opposite of how most people do it. For more than 20 years (more than 10 years online), I’ve been teaching men and women the physique athlete (bodybuilder’s) method to fat loss. I often sum it up as “eat more, burn more.” The “burn more” part includes cardio, and in today’s post, I take a reader question that clears up the misconceptions about the role of cardio, what this philosophy means and how it’s possible that you can eat more and get leaner and more muscular doing it…
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Maintain a Youthful Appearance

by Mike Arnold

As a people who put so much effort and attention into perfecting our bodies, it doesn’t make sense to allow the focal point of our appearance to lag behind the rest of us. Just like we can sculpt our physiques into a model of our desire, so to can we take steps to ensure that we retain a vibrant and youthful appearance when it comes to our skin. Fortunately, through wise decision making and proper planning, we are able to stave off and even reverse many of the detrimental physical effects associated with the aging process.
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The Fad Diet Dilemma

by Josh Hodnik

We are now in a time where convenience rules and patience has become something of the past. With today’s technology many things are done with the push of a button. Tasks that used to take physical effort to accomplish can now be done with a computer or tablet. With people consuming more calories than ever, and less calories used throughout the day, our society has become fatter than ever.
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Fast Metabolism, A Blessing And…. A Curse?

by Geoff Roberts

It would seem that most people feel a person’s metabolism is tied exclusively to that person’s ability to lose or gain fat tissue. However, this is not 100% accurate, as a persons metabolism is more closely related to his or her overall body weight than it is his or her body fat percentage. Body fat is dependent on several different factors, whereas body weight is based heavily on only two things, a person’s metabolic rate and simple energy balance.
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Hard-Gainer Nonsense

by Mike Arnold

Like most individuals who are passionate about what they do, enthusiasm is generally not in short supply when it comes to weight training and the beginner. Frequently, the novice will invest a tremendous amount of energy in pursuit of his goals, often taking things to the extreme in the hope of developing his physique as quickly as possible. In a beginner’s mind, the more he does, the faster he will grow…or so he thinks. Unfortunately, in all but a very small percentage of cases, such as a plan of action is sure to result in not only a decline in muscle growth, but usually a complete cessation of progress altogether. In order to rectify this dilemma, the BB’r will frequently set out to train even harder by adding more exercises and/or sets to his program. Inevitably, he experiences more of the same…frustration.
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Bodybuilding’s Weighty Issues

by Geoff Roberts

In the world of bodybuilding, or life in general for that matter, few things are lied about as frequently as, or to the same extent as weight. Whether it is a fat person lowering their claimed weight, a skinny person and/or bodybuilder raising their claimed weight, or even a person lying about how much weight they can or did lift. The topic of weight tends to avoid the truth like IFBB Pro Jon Andersen avoiding carbohydrates. This is mentioned in bodybuilding circles now and then, most notably by Lonnie “The Swami” Teper, but it is rarely examined closely. When looking at some of the claimed body weights of different professional bodybuilders over the years, it becomes clear that the majority of our athletes may have larger noses than the woodcutter had originally intended.
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What Happened To Your Favorite Supplement?

by Geoff Roberts

The question, “Why do all the good supplements get taken off the shelf?” is one that I and anyone else who works in the supplement industry hears on a weekly basis. The answer to this question, for anyone heavily invested in this industry, should be easy to come by. However, for the average person who, devastatingly enough, gets their information from the media or any other “mainstream” source, the answer is not so clear.
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Hardcore Bulking The Cycles – Part III

by Gavin Kane

Alright, by now I assume you have read parts 1 and 2 and understand and have applied the principles listed. If not, stop reading this now and go back to the first two articles or this one won’t help you. This is not a crash course on cycling steroids; this is how to use steroids in conjunction with my first two articles that establish proper eating and training. Most of you will not need to add a cycle off season if you follow my principles in the first two articles closely. But since it is my job to fully educate you, and I am not naïve, I know this is the article you have been waiting for most of all.
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by Gavin Kane

In the first article of the series we attacked hardcore dieting and how to gain maximum mass without maximum fat gains. There are two more pieces to this puzzle, training and cycles. This article is going to focus on the aspects of hardcore training, the type of training that goes along with all those calories you have been eating. Off-season is the time we hit the heavy weights, a return to the basics, meaning no cable-curls, no chrome weights, and no listening to Backstreet Boys while training.