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A Bodybuilder’s Mindset Can Build a Profitable Business

  • 5 min read

by Matt Weik

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a body-builder, you can take away a lot of things from living the lifestyle—especially when it comes to business. Now, I’m sure there are a lot of you scratching your head wondering how picking things up and putting them down equates to building a solid business, but it’s true. Bodybuilders are a different breed—not just physically, but mentally. Business owners and entrepreneurs are very similar to these genetically gifted lads. In fact, many business owner and entrepreneurs should be more like bodybuilders if they aren’t already. Let me explain.


Success simply doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t build an empire or a body by waking up with enthusiasm. A God-like physique and profitable business are built upon staying consistent every day, every week, every month, every year. The days you don’t feel like working are the days you need to dig in deep and get after it. The days you don’t want to go to the gym because you’re tired are the days you need to take a scoop of pre-workout to the dome and go move some heavy shit.

You see, when you have constant ups and downs it effects productivity, it effects results, it effects goals. Business, bodybuilding, it doesn’t matter the platform in which you’re speaking about or applying this to. Consistency wins. Quitters never win. When you give up even for one day, you’re setting yourself up to do the same thing another day, and another day, and another day. Eventually, you lost that spark and fire to build your empire or build a physique that everyone will admire.

Shortcuts are not sustainable

Shortcuts in life get you nowhere. The results yielded by cutting corners are simply not sustainable. Not only because you “cheated” in a sense, but you didn’t truly learn how to win and improve.

Bodybuilders who use steroids, while they indeed improve their physique, won’t sustain their gains long-term. If you look at retired bodybuilders, for the most part they look similar to someone who we would consider a weekend warrior or gym rat. They aren’t the 250+ pound monster they once were. Now, they are barely even pushing 200 pounds. Using a quick fix to build muscle is temporary. Not only that, but the side effects that could occur due to your “shortcut” could harm your health. It’s simply not worth it.

The same goes with business. When you take shortcuts, eventually there will come a time where the results diminish. Shortcuts will only get you so far until it unveils that you truly didn’t understand how to accomplish something and solidify the results or even maintain the results shown. You might be able to make some quick money, but it’s not easily repeatable or a good long-term strategy. A shortcut in business could include using inferior raw materials. This can lead to product issues, returns, customer complaints, and push away loyal consumers. In the end, your business suffers.

Self-improvement is key

Any successful business owner will tell you that they don’t spend time watching television. They could care less about watching football on Sunday’s. They are more worried about self-improvement. They spend their time reading books, listening to audiobooks, taking courses, etc. They want to be the best at what they do and in order to do that, there needs to be growth within themselves, first.

Bodybuilders are exactly the same. They are constantly improving upon their physique. Adding on muscle to lagging body parts, dieting down to remove excess body fat, working on getting their mind right so they can stay focused throughout the year. Bodybuilders are constantly looking at themselves and analyzing what they need to do in order to place better at shows and win.

Getting enough sleep

Sleep is vital to everyone. Lack of sleep hurts focus, cognition, drive, strength, and stamina. All things you need regardless if you are a bodybuilder or an entrepreneur. Getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep is ideal for any adult. Getting less can drastically impair your productivity and energy levels (both mental and physical) the following day.

With bodybuilders, they don’t have any issues sleeping as their main focus is on training, eating, and resting. Business owners on the other hand, might find themselves wanting to stay up late to finish projects, work ahead, or strategize. And that’s fine, so long as they hit the pillow and reach their full seven hours of good quality sleep.

Want to talk smack about “bodybuilders?”

Maybe you should be more like bodybuilders if you want to build a business or be more successful in life? The ridiculous Planet Fitness commercials poking fun at bodybuilders who “pick things up and put them down,” are showing just how dumb their marketing strategy really is. Because in reality, bodybuilders aren’t dumb at all. They have more grit, determination, and will to improve in order to win than most people out there. So, rather than making fun of these “meat heads,” maybe you should be more like them?