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by Matt Weik

Ok… ok… I’m holding back my egg-citement about this product. HA! I “crack” myself up sometimes. Alright, I promise I’ll put the jokes on the “back burner” for now. But honestly, I’m super pumped to see more supplement companies getting away from the standard protein powders, amino acids, pre-workouts, fat burners, testosterone boosters, protein bars, etc., and expanding their portfolio into other areas – call them “functional foods” if you wish. The Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet is something all of us should be thrilled about. Why? Let’s discuss this.

Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet – A Better Breakfast Option

While I tip my hat to Rule 1 for previously launching a protein pancake mix, my reaction was simply, “meh.” Cool, but other brands have similar products and I like to see brands thinking outside the box (or in this case, carton). I’m not downplaying their pancake mix, it could be really good. But with my background working for MET-Rx in the past, it’s hard to beat their pancake mix and I compare everything else to that particular product.

With that being said, breakfast is one of those meals you either make time for or you don’t. For many, they wake up and are in a rush to get out the door so they aren’t late for work or school. Those who prefer to eat breakfast now have a super convenient option – without the use of actual eggs. Sounds sort of weird, but I’m diggin’ the thought process behind it.

Why should you care about the Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet? Well, truthfully, maybe you don’t. But the convenience factor here is honorable and something I think many will appreciate. When you cook an egg omelet, you obviously need eggs. You need to crack the eggs, throw the shells away, and more times than not, need to go wash your hands as you have egg goop somewhere on your hands that you want to get off.

Beyond the mess-free preparation, all you need to do with the Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet is add water to the powder, mix it up, and you’re ready to pour the mixture into the pan to cook. It’s literally that simple. And personally, I like simplicity and am not the greatest in the kitchen.

Seasoned Omelet and Scrambled Egg Mix

Above, I only touched on the omelet method of preparing your Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet, but you can also make them into scrambled eggs if you wish. Heck, could you imagine making an egg sandwich from this? Now, my mouth is officially watering. Make yourself a seasoned omelet and toss it between some toast or even a bagel and you’re ready to roll.

So, what exactly does all of this look like? The Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet comes in a resealable bag. Each bag provides you with 12 servings. The calories and macronutrients are as follows. Per serving, you are getting 90 calories, 2.5g of fat (1g from MCT oil), 10mg of cholesterol, 280mg of sodium, 1g of carbohydrates, 0g of sugar, and 15g of protein. The Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet comes in three flavors – Country Scramble, Chipotle Cheddar, and a basic Cheese Omelet. On their website, they are selling each bag for $19.99. That’s a great price (in my opinion).

Some of the additional highlights of this product include the fact that it contains zero gluten, zero trans fat, zero messy shells, and zero refrigeration required. From what the brand says, a single serving of Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet contains as much protein as five egg whites or three whole eggs while providing a real egg taste – that may be good or bad depending on if you like the taste of eggs.

Just thinking out loud… this would be a great product to pack if you were taking a trip somewhere and didn’t want to grocery shop for or take eggs with you. Additionally, you could take the Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet bag along with you camping to free up some space in your tiny refrigerator or if you don’t have one at all, no worries as this does not require you to keep it refrigerated.

But wait… there’s more! Are you absolutely horrible with cooking things on the stove? Or maybe you don’t even have a stove? You can make the Rule 1 Easy Protein Omelet directly in the microwave. Simply cook the mixture in 30-second increments and mix it up in between until you get the texture you’re looking for. From what the brand says, it should only take around 90-120 seconds until it’s ready.

You might be wondering how they get an egg taste with a high biological value (BV) protein. Well, the protein source used is actually egg white protein. They also use butter powder, nonfat dry milk, and some MCT oil powder.

Would I Use and Recommend This Product?

While I can only recommend this product based on my own opinion, I would say definitely. I guess I can only say this based on what I see as I have not personally tried this product yet. But from the nutritionals, the ingredients, the convenience, and the wide array of uses, to me it makes sense.

Toss in the fact that I appreciate and support brands who think outside of the box and launch things that aren’t currently available in the market, it’s hard to not be rooting for Rule 1 and be in their corner for launching this.