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by Matt Weik

Well, just when you thought the Yuri Tolochko saga couldn’t get any weirder from marrying and then divorcing a sex doll while cheating on his “plastic wife” with another sex doll, he apparently wants us to hold his beer. Recently Yuri announced that he’s shifted into a new fetish — an ashtray.

No, I kid you not. The 36-year-old Kazakhstan bodybuilder (who also identifies as a teacher, opera director, performer, and public speaker) wants to put an “artificial vagina” on the ashtray, and well… you can use your imagination as to what happens next. Yuri believes that he can successfully attach the silicon f*ck hole to the opening where the cigarette butts go.

Seriously, it’s going to take me forever to write this article as I’m going to constantly be stopping to chuckle and shake my head in disbelief.

If you want a little background information on what has happened in the past with Yuri, I have another article you can go check out. It talks about his sex doll escapades and how things have progressed to the point they have reached.

Disclaimer: If you couldn’t tell already, this article, while containing actual events, is for entertainment purposes only. What is said in this article is my opinion. Enjoy!

Of ALL the Things…

I can see some lonely, unmarried, and horny dude having some fun with a sex doll but marrying one in front of guests he invited and having a huge celebration takes the cake. Then the fact that he wants to up the ante and decides he wants to have sex with an ashtray is on another level.

While he did mention that he does get it on with an actual human every once in a while (he didn’t mention gender, but he does enjoy both genders), he said that he prefers and is much more frequent with “objects.”

What is the world coming to? I mean, there’s enough flesh out there that he could have fun with, why an ashtray? Women, men, take your pick. There are enough orifices out there to choose from. Does he like the idea of an ashtray because it’s a “butt” receptacle, and he’s into butt stuff? I dunno.

Yuri also mentioned that he likes the feel of metal and things that have history to them. Apparently, the fact that the ashtray has been around for many years and used by thousands of people excites him. To take things further, he doesn’t clean the ashtray either. He even puts the butts and ashes on his skin.

But wait… there’s more! He doesn’t own this ashtray. Wait, what? Nope. He borrows it from the club where he “fell in love” with it. He even had a photoshoot done with him and the ashtray.

So, let me give you the details. He “borrows” the ashtray after it’s been used, takes it home, messes around with it, and then takes it back. Sounds like a Tinder date to me. I’m not sure what’s stranger, the fact that he’s f*cking an ashtray, or that the club is allowing him to take it home with him to “use” as he wishes?

How Far Will This Go?

It’s apparent that Yuri has some fetishes for weird objects, and he confirmed that he has feelings for random objects that turn him on. But how far will he take things before “an event takes place” and makes the news? What’s next? Is he going to decide he’s in love with a meat grinder and turn his sausage into a sausage? The fact that random objects cause him to want to stick his d*ck in them is a little concerning. Hopefully, he doesn’t see a cactus that catches his attention. While he hasn’t been seen doing such acts in public, it seems like things are transitioning and moving toward that possibility.

I couldn’t care less what people do in the privacy of their own home, but the things that Yuri is doing, quite frankly, is giving bodybuilding a black eye. As if bodybuilding needs to be in the news for yet another unfortunate reason, it seems like the mainstream media has a hard-on for topics that show bodybuilding in a negative light.

Now, you may be saying, “But Matt, your article is doing the same thing.” True. But I’m not “exposing” the story, it’s already out there, and I’m providing my opinion and commentary on it.

Look, do bodybuilders do weird sh*t? Yea, they do. I mean, guys walking out on stage all oiled up in a banana-hammock isn’t something you see every day (unless you’re in South Beach or are a Chippendale).

My question is, “What is Yuri trying to get out of this?” He has over 100,000 Instagram followers, and it appears he’s going to be getting into the streaming porn industry, so is this his “marketing” and PR play to gain entry? Get enough people to follow you to watch weird stuff and then put it behind a paywall like OnlyFans or PornHub? What’s this guy’s next move?

The unfortunate part of this is that Yuri is in shape. He’s a fit dude. And his look fits the mold of a bodybuilder (only on a smaller scale and not as big). Bodybuilders and the industry don’t need another story of guys doing weird stuff, like f*cking a grapefruit.

Again, it comes back to no one should care what you do (legally) in the privacy of your own home. If he wants to have sex with an ashtray, sex doll, cheese grater, fleshlight, a jar of mayonnaise, whatever, be my guest. But you don’t need to go to the media about it or put it out on your social media platform. It may have been funny when the dude was caught having sex with an apple pie in American Pie, but this is real-life we’re talking about. Yuri will forever be known as “that guy.”